Esthetic dermatology

My goal is to help each patient emphasize their identity. I have been working in aesthetic dermatology for over seven years. As for me, my job is my passion. Ever since my studies I have been inspired by natural beauty. In my practice my clients and I go against the flow of time. In these tumultuous times it is difficult to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Aesthetic medicine is a modern alchemy! Clean and healthy skin is the best reward for my work. I enjoy helping my clients to cope with bothersome acne, scars or hair loss.

In order to offer our clients the best possible solution it is important to keep up with current trends in aesthetic medicine. That is why I regularly study and master new procedures. In my practice of aesthetic medicine I combine modern non-invasive hardware procedures with injection methods and thread lifting. This gives clients the opportunity to suspend the aging process and feel as fresh and young as possible.

It is always important for me that every patient is satisfied and happy.

Esthetic dermatology


Thread lifting

Skin stimulation

Injection lipolysis

Hair loss treatment

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